Media and Entertainment Laws

Pulastya Legal assists IP owners in the media and entertainment industry to protect and monetize their intellectual property through avenues like strict monitoring and licensing. In today’s digital age, creative content and its broadcasting / performance rights has become extremely important for the creative minds to protect and we have been assisting production houses, writers, theater and film actors and stand-up comedians to safe keep their rights. Our Partners have trained themselves across continents to learn best practices of the media and entertainment industry worldwide and have helped clients in feeling good, morally and financially.

Our services include the following:

  • Identification and protection of creative content and strategize ways to monetize them through partnerships and licensing.

  • Talent management of artists through strict contractual terms and other means like publicity agreements, endorsement agreements, performance rights management, in-film branding agreements, pre-production and production agreements and take-down services etc.

  • Assisting media and entertainment businesses in filtering their online content in light of information technology laws.

  • Drafting of media and entertainment industry related agreements