Labour and Employment Laws

Our Firm’s employment and labour law practice helps companies, including start-ups to address the challenges of workplace from an early stage. The success of any organization is deep-rooted in the practices that it adopts to manage its human resources and its ongoing success is often co-dependent on the compliance to the labour laws of the country. We take routine preventive measures for our clients to avoid complexities of any employment and labour related issues.

Our Firm’s practice focuses on the following services:

  • Drafting of employment agreements for new and existing employees along with increment and severance / termination letters.

  • Managing the relationship between the company and independent contractors and create rules for their employment.

  • Drafting of Human Resource Policy manuals, Employee Incentive programs and benefit schemes, Anti Sexual Harassment policies, IT policies, Confidentiality Agreements etc.

  • Legal compliance and management of disputes relating to statutory requirements such as maternity benefits, protection of confidentiality, termination etc.

  • Advising clients on statutory terms and conditions of service and structuring of compensation and hiring procedures.

  • Providing legal advisory relating to data privacy laws.