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About Us:

Pulastya Legal℠ is a boutique law firm engaged in providing high-quality intellectual property and corporate legal services to its clients. The firm has local presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Jabalpur and is closely connected with international law firms which expand the firm’s ability to serve its clients in international jurisdictions, such as, North America and Europe.

Understanding the needs of a growing and competitive legal market, the firm has continually strived to offer the best and most responsible counsel and service to its clients. A relentless focus on knowledge management, effective client communication and relationship management has enabled Pulastya Legal℠ to carve a niche for itself in the legal world. Whether it is a question of choosing the right type of business entity for your business, or negotiating and drafting legal agreements, such as vendor agreements, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements etc., or protecting and enforcing your trademarks, copyrights, patent and design rights in India or abroad, Pulastya Legal℠ has stood by every single one of their clients. 

The firm focuses on the protection of intellectual property generated globally and helps businesses and individuals protect their legal rights. The success of Pulastya Legal℠ is a result of its focus on every client, irrespective of its size or status. Through its attention to clients’ individual needs and personalized legal protection strategic development, the firm serves a diverse client base in India, United States, Europe and the Middle-East. 

Among the firm’s clientele are, inter alia, companies that develop computer software and mobile apps, private equity firm and venture capital firms, FMCGs, hotels and restaurants, advertising companies, digital and mobile entertainment platforms, pharmaceutical companies and many more. The firm takes pride in its ability to fall in affection with the clients’ business and advise them accordingly.


Learn more about the basics of Intellectual Property Laws in India, such as Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Designs. Access our FAQ Section below or Contact Us for any specific legal issue that you may have. 


Our Team

Abhishek Sharma, Managing Partner

With a strong educational background from India and the United States, Abhishek brings strong result-oriented management to the Firm. 

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Mayank Sharma, Managing Partner

An effective people manager with strong client-centric skills, he effectively manages the Firm with attention-to-detail and great interpersonal skills. 

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Vice President at a leading Private Equity firm in California

Abhishek performs legal consulting work for our firm, specializing in non-disclosure agreements. He and his colleagues do a fantastic job streamlining our processes and are always punctual in the turnaround of work product. Moreover, Abhishek and his team embrace a detail oriented approach to their work and have come to serve an integral role in our internal processes.

Manager, leading mobile entertainment company

Abhishek has been a great mentor, leader and above all he is a fantastic person. His style of work is very simple of not complicating things and ensures that work is done on time. He eases out the stress at work with his superb sense of humour. 

VP, Business Development at US-based Private Equity firm

Abhishek is extremely efficient with quick turn around times and great accuracy. Abhishek is also a joy to work with on a personal level. Overall great human being!

IP Counsel at Los Angeles-based healthcare company

Abhishek is very experienced with respect to USPTO requirements and procedures, and he is one of the first people I turn to whenever I have questions. Abhishek has also helped me on multiple occasions to finish time sensitive tasks quickly and efficiently, and I depend on him on a regular basis.

Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India

I know Mayank since my first day as a student of law in 2003. Mayank is extremely sincere and hardworking. His ability to handle the challenges of this profession are worthy of appreciation and amazement. Knowing Mayank I am confident that he shall definitely excel in the field of IPRs which he has chosen for himself and done extremely well till now.

Principal Associate at a Delhi law firm

Mayank is a hardworking attorney currently handling the IP prosecution work at ***** and ***** single handedly. He sails through large volumes of work effortlessly. It was a pleasure working with him.